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Veterinarian, Leslie Nelson, DVM, Lighthouse Veterinary Care for Cats,  Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dr. Leslie Nelson


Since graduating from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Leslie Nelson has spent her time serving animals and the people attached to them with heartfelt concern and dedication. Beyond private practice, Dr. Nelson has worked in multiple sectors of veterinary medicine including emergency medicine, shelter medicine and she even owned and operated a house call practice. For six years she had the wonderful experience of working at a Feline exclusive practice located in the neighboring city of Norfolk, Virginia.

Cats and their care have always been a passion of Dr. Nelson starting at a very early age as a child growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has always had a cat or two even before she was old enough to remember and easily developed a special bond with them. She currently has one cat, a sweet tortoiseshell named Priscilla.

Dr. Nelson enjoys enjoys spending time with friends and family, gardening and hiking. She also loves to dance - specifically ballet and liturgical dance and has spent time instructing other women in both dance forms. Within veterinary medicine, Dr. Nelson loves dentistry, internal medicine and behavior medicine. She is very happy to be able to provide compassionate care for her feline patients and to serve her clients with excellence!